think! Mathematics (Common Core) Workbook 5A




think! Mathematics is a series of textbooks that is based on various learning theories.

Designed in accordance with extensively-researched approaches used in Singapore, these books adopt a spiral design with the integration of the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (C-P-A) approach.

A three-part lesson structure of Anchor Task, Guided Practice and Independent Practice is adopted. ICT, concrete aids and manipulatives are incorporated. Students have opportunities to hone problem-solving skills and apply Mathematics in real-world contexts.

Combining the effectiveness of teaching pedagogies and innovative ideas, the content has been aligned to the Common Core States Standards.

Product Details:

ISBN-13 : 9789812887740
Extent : XXX pages
Consultant : Dr Yeap Ban Har
Linguistics Consultant : Dr Amy Tozzo
Authors : Dr Bill Tozzo, Mr Brandon Oh,
Dimensions : 215mm x 275mm x 10mm
Weight : 0.480kg