Teaching Whole Numbers – Operations, Key Concepts, and Problem Solving




This is a foundational course in the Singaporean Approach to whole number concepts and operations at the elementary level. Students will learn the theory, strategies, and concepts that drive this unique and proven approach to teaching mathematics. It is important to note that these concepts are rooted in the most widely accepted educational research from around the world and can be applied in any elementary classroom. Some of the topics for this workshop include:

  • Learning Theory and Lesson Structure
  • Representation and Conceptualization of Whole Numbers
  • Bar Modeling and Word Problems
  • Number Facts and Operations

In this course, you’ll learn and develop at your own pace from one of the world’s most famous Singaporean educators,  Dr. Yeap Ban Har. Ban Har’s insights will inspire you and the strategies you’ll learn will empower you. Dr. Yeap has trained teachers in over 40 countries around the world and has been called “The Michael Jordan of Singapore Mathematics.” Dr. Yeap’s workshops inspire, entertain, and educate all those fortunate to be able to attend. Ban Har will cover a full common core developmental progression from grades 1 through grade 6, and what you’ll learn from him can be applied to any mathematics class, curriculum, or textbook. To learn even more about Dr. Yeap you can visit his speaker page here: Dr. Yeap Ban Har.