Teacher's Guide to Artificial Intelligence

Work SMARTER not HARDER with ChatGPT

😱 20 Hours!

👆🏽 That’s how much time an average teacher can save per week by using ChatGPT to its full potential…

💰 Imagine what you could do with the freedom all those hours represent. 🎉 🏖️

All because you decided to learn how to create more time by unlocking the power of AI and ChatGPT at work.

What teacher's are saying...

"Who knew a course could make such a difference? ChatGPT is now my sidekick, handling the routine stuff so I can pour my energy into teaching. Seriously awesome."
Jennifer L.
Grade 7 Teacher

"Among those [educated professionals] assigned to use ChatGPT with GPT 3.5, productivity increased significantly - work was completed 40% faster and the quality of output improved by 18%"

Because the truth about how professionals use ChatGPT

👉🏼 Some teachers are using ChatGPT. But less that 10% are using it to its potential  👈🏼

Sure, some will use it to try and write an email or something for their students.

But here are some of the things that ChatGPT can do that you probably had no idea about:

And when your done with the course, you'll be able to:

Save countles hours on tedious tasks

Be the “go-to” for your colleagues

Create awesome activities for your students

Free your time and avoid burnout

Design entire units in a FLASH

Make student and parent communication look easy

 🥺Are you afraid AI will put teachers out of work? 😳

You’re not alone….

But don’t worry it won’t. But here’s the thing, AI will REPLACE TASKS. ✍🏼

This means that eventually, as AI becomes more and more common in mainstream education, you’ll be expected to do even more.

AI will only get better and more capable, and the AI revolution is here to stay.

There’s nothing you can do about it. . . 

(Sorry, but this comes from a place of love, and a 25 year teacher ❤️)

Check out ChatGPT in action replying to an email from a parent

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