Teaching Whole Numbers: Operations, Key Concepts, and Problem Solving

About This Course

This is a foundational course in the Singaporean Approach to whole number concepts and operations at the elementary level. Students will learn the theory, strategies, and concepts that drive this unique and proven approach to teaching mathematics. It is important to note that these concepts are rooted in the most widely accepted educational research from around the world and can be applied in any elementary classroom. Some of the topics for this workshop include:

  • Learning Theory and Lesson Structure
  • Representation and Conceptualization of Whole Numbers
  • Bar Modeling and Word Problems
  • Number Facts and Operations

Course Instructor

Dr. Yeap Ban Har is your instructor for this course. The media has called Dr. Yeap Ban Har “Singapore Math’s Michael Jordan” and “Royalty when it comes to Singapore Math.” He is considered to be one of the most accomplished trainers and speakers in the world on the subjects of K12 Mathematics, and the Singapore approach to teaching mathematics. Dr. Yeap Ban Har taught at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore for more than ten years. There he taught a range of teacher education courses and was involved in several funded research programs in mathematics education. Since 2010, he has held two concurrent positions as the Director of Curriculum and Professional Development at the Pathlight School in Singapore, and the principal of Marshall Cavendish Institute, a global teacher professional development division of Marshall Cavendish Publishers. He has since left his position at Marshall Cavendish Institute to take up a more active role at the Anglo Singapore International School, a Singapore school with three campuses in Thailand. He has authored dozens of textbooks, various titles in mathematics education, and scholarly articles. His latest project is the new program, “think! Mathematics” by SL Education, an exciting new elementary Singapore Mathematics program co-authored with the owners of 3R Industries, Drs. Amy and Bill Tozzo. 

If interested in CTLE credits (15 CTLE hours), contact Dr. Amy at amy@3rindustries.com 

Course Content

Module 1 - Introduction

Module 2 - Whole Number Foundations
Module 3 - Whole Number Operations
Module 4 - Solving Problems with Bar Models
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Course Includes

  • 14 Lessons
  • 14 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate