Teaching Fractions: Methods and Strategies for Success


Do you want to build your own and your students' understanding of key fraction concepts?  Do you want to learn strategies and access resources that will transform your students' learning of fractions?

No other area of elementary school mathematics is as mathematically rich, cognitively complicated, and difficult to teach as fractions. They are the first place in which students encounter “relational numbers” like 2/3 that represent relationships represents two discrete or continuous quantities, rather than a single discrete quantity like “4 cookies” or continuous quantities like “5 inches of ribbon.”

Beyond the challenges our students face in the classroom when they learn about fractions, they also bring with them their own constructed knowledge and ideas about fractions that they have learned outside the walls of our classrooms. This most certainly contributes to misconceptions and teachers find themselves having to “unwire” what their students have already learned. Furthermore, students have to fully develop and understand multiple representations of fractions, such as fractions of a whole, fractions as part of a set, or fractions as a quotient.

In this course, you'll learn and develop at your own pace from one of the world's most famous Singaporean educators,  Dr. Yeap Ban Har. Ban Har's insights will inspire you and the strategies you'll learn will empower you. Dr. Yeap has trained teachers in over 40 countries around the world and has been called “The Michael Jordan of Singapore Mathematics.” Dr. Yeap’s workshops inspire, entertain, and educate all those fortunate to be able to attend. Ban Har will cover a full common core developmental progression from grades 1 through grade 6, and what you'll learn from him can be applied to any mathematics class, curriculum, or textbook. To learn even more about Dr. Yeap you can visit his speaker page here: Dr. Yeap Ban Har. 

When you've completed this course, you'll receive a certificate of completion for 7.5 hours of professional development immediately by email.

If interested in CTLE credits (15 CTLE hours), contact Dr. Amy at amy@3rindustries.com 

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1 Lesson Structure and Strategies for Teaching Fractions

2 Key Concepts And Representations Of Fractions
3 Instructional Strategies for Fraction Operations
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