Remote Teaching – Tools, Tips and Best Practices for Success

Teaching remotely can be intimidating for even the most tech-savvy teachers. Even if you manage to navigate your way through the seemingly limitless amount of information available, chances are you’ll have more questions than when you started. You’ll wonder which apps and websites are the most effective and user-friendly. Then, of course, learning how to use and implement them will be the next challenge you’ll face.

In this course, we’ve done the work for you. We have chosen the most popular and effective tools for remote learning and created easy to follow video lessons that demonstrate their use. We have also incorporated best practices and ideas for planning and delivering lessons. Take a look at just some of what you’ll learn:


  • How to create, edit and deliver video lessons to your students
  • How to provide opportunities for collaboration and reflection
  • How to manage your instruction and student interaction effectively
  • How to assess your students quickly and easily
  • How to provide feedback to support your students’ learning

Most importantly, what once seemed overwhelming will now be a fun and exciting journey. We’ll be with you the entire way to support you and answer your questions.

The best part of this course is that it grows and changes with technology. Based on our students' requests, instructor insight, and trends in EdTech we will add lessons and modules as needed to consistently meet the needs of our teachers.

Most of our courses must be completed within 6 months, but this course will be available to students for as long as the course exists! It is our intention for this course to educate teachers as well as keep them up to date with the latest tools and practices.

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Course Includes

  • 21 Lessons