K5 Lesson Design & Delivery


This one-day recorded event will focus on using the Singaporean approach to lesson design and delivery. Through a series of case studies of lesson segments, Dr. Yeap Ban Har will unearth a series of design principles for lessons that promote deep learning and a positive mindset about mathematics and learning.

Many people don't know that Singapore is a very diverse country. Their students have as many different needs and challenges as the students in the United States or any other developed nation. What sets Singapore apart is that since the 1970’s, its students have outperformed the rest of the world in mathematics achievement. This progress is nothing short of incredible and has been the result of many years of effortful collaboration and research.  At the core of this country's success is the way they design, deliver, and assess their mathematics lessons. Void of unnecessary structures, technology and grounded in select bodies of the most effective education research, their approach to instruction is simple, elegant, and powerful.

Dr. Yeap's workshops are known to inspire, broaden perspective, and change the way his participants think about how they teach.

If interested in CTLE credits (15 CTLE hours), contact Dr. Amy at amy@3rindustries.com 

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Course Includes

  • 22 Lessons
  • 22 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate